Touring with Gibbo:
Local Tour # 3
Woodford Island, Lawrence, Southgate, Ulmarra, Minnie Waters.
An easy day out; approx 180kms. Bring your bathers.

Ride through Maclean, do whatever part of Woodford Island you like, but end up at the Lawrence Ferry. Go across the ferry into Lawrence, across Sportsman Creek bridge and follow the signs to Grafton. There are 2 options, immediately after Sportsman Creek bridge… right onto Lawerence Road or left onto Riverbank Road… I recommend the latter, you will return to Lawrence Rd in due course. Turn left to the Ulmarra Ferry. This is a great trip across the Clarence. Turn right off the ferry (be very careful turning onto the Pacific Hwy. [A1] is a crap approach to it) then into Ulmarra. Suggest lunch at the Ulmarra Hotel. A truly great pub. It's right on the river bank. To get to the pub, turn right into Coldstream Street off the Pacific Hwy. After lunch, ride back down Coldstream Street, across the hwy. and keep going. This is now Coldstream Road. Turn right onto the Wooli Road, through Pillar Valley, turning left to Minnie Waters. This is a small village on the coast. It has lovely quiet beaches and if you want to take a ride on the beach you can. The sand is quite hard. I would not bother going to Wooli.
After your time at Minnie retrace your steps, but continue on to Tucabia and Tyndale, do not go back to Ulmarra. Tucabia has the Squatters Rest Museum, 23 Collett St, Tucabia. It is open to the public but only by arrangement. Phone: (02) 6644 8076, which may be worth a visit.
Continue onto Tyndale and turn right onto the Pacific Hwy., go across the Harwood Bridge and back to Squeakygate Retreat.

Sites to see:
• Two ferry rides across the Clarence… take some ‘selfies’.
• Ulmarra Hotel… very kewl!
• Minnie Waters has lovely quiet beaches. Don’t look for the CBD, there is one general store. Just relax and enjoy.
• Tucabia Museum (if you book in)
Lawrence Ferry
Ulmarra Hotel
Minie Waters
Tucabia Museum
I have had to do this as two maps as MotoWhere can't cope with Southgate Ferry.
Go to Part 1: Lawrence and Southgate for a map of the first part of the route.
Go to Part 2: Ulmarra, Minnie Waters and home for a map of second part of the route.
Ulmarra - South Gate Ferry