Touring with Gibbo:
Local Tour #2
Yamba and Iluka.  They are both approx. 30kms away from Squeakygate Retreat.

Yamba and Iluka are coastal villages with great beaches. You can go to either or both in a day.  Yamba is bigger, more facilities, better places to eat and more people. Iluka is smaller. Bring your bathers:

Sites to see:
• They both have marinas.
• They both have gorgeous beaches.
• They both have great surf for both body and board surfers.
• They both have breakwalls out into the Pacific Ocean… nice to walk along.
• They both have great fishing.
• They both have access to a National Park.
• There is a really nice passenger ferry trip between the two. It’s definitely worth taking if you have the time. It runs on a regular timetable. There are also ferry tours up the Clarence.
• On the way to Yamba (just past the marina) there is a turn right to Angourie. It has a famous point break and great beaches as well as the Blue and Green Pools.
• On the way to Iluka is Woody Head. This is just lovely. Great beach, plus a rocky flat headland. One of my favourite local places.
Woody Head
Fishing the Yamba Wall
Yamba Iluka Ferry
Angourie Point
The Blue Pool Angourie
Yamba Main Beach
Iluka Marina
Iluka Beach and Breakwall
Go to Yamba and Iluka for a map of the route.