Touring with Gibbo:
Local Tour #1
Woodford Island
Maclean and Woodford Island, approx. 80kms.

A very nice easy ride. It's a couple of hours, depending on how long you are in Maclean or at the Brushgrove Hotel.
Maclean is an old scottish town located straight across the Clarence river from Squeakygate Retreat. It has an old, ‘lost in time’ character, completely different to Yamba.  There used to be information centre ‘Ferry Park’ is located on the southern exit of the town next to the Pacific Highway, but the local Council in there infinite wisdom has closed that down.

Sites to see:
• The lookout. It’s worth a look for sure to orientate you to the area.
• The Scottish Shop in River Street
• Botero: Melbourne quality coffee and excellent light meals.
• Lots of opp shops, if that is your thing.

Having done your bit in Maclean, take the MacFarlane Bridge across to Woodford Island. You can do the Island a few ways. The map is marked with a figure 8.
Turn left off the bridge and go down South Arm Road, turn left into South Arm School Road (immediately after the Car Wreckers). Turn right into Roberts Creek Road across the island. Turn left at the Lawrence Road. Go past the Lawrence Ferry on to Woodford Dale road. At the T intersection with South Arm School Road, you can turn right and visit Brushgrove (great pub) and/or turn left onto South Arm School Road. This will bring you back to the McFarlane Bridge and Maclean either by following that road, or turning left onto Roberts Creek Road, then right onto Lawrence Road back to Maclean. Either way is fine.

If you are travelling north and wishing to avoid the Pacific Hwy, follow this tour until you get to the Lawrence Ferry, take the ferry, ride into the T intersection in Lawrence, turn right and follow Pringle's Way to the Summerland Way and turn right onto it, riding through Casino, Kyogle and Beaudesert back to Queensland.
The 'brushie' Pub
The Maclean Lookout
Awesome real coffee
Go to Woodford Island Figure of 8 For a map of the route.