Touring with Gibbo:
1/2 Lap of Oz
The idea for the trip came originally from Kog who had completed the full lap of Oz on his Triumph Thunderbird with his son, James (on a Ducati Monster... I kid you not), written a book about it and made a movie... no less.  There are 11 other tours on our site, use as you wish. For this one I have included extra information, given it was such a long tour.

Touring with old mates is a pretty special thing. In our case we all went to the University of New England (UNE) together and founded the UNEMCC in 1978. We are still mates riding together and have now 'reformed' the club (as an incorporated association through Fair Trading NSW) to be the HUNEMCC, 'H' for historical, which probably refers to both us and the bikes we ride. Anyway, after 40 years as mates we are still riding together... Pretty dam awesome.
This is important for a 11,000km epic. We even had a meeting to plan this at Murwillumbah in late June, 2017, this was also a good excuse for a HUNEMCC committee meeting and a 3 day ride... why not.

The plot was 3 weeks away, mates come and go as they need to with work commitments etc..  Kog, Bill, Wiffo and I starting together in Texas Qld., of all places, some to join in as we go, like Grant and Roothy. I would be staying longer in Vic to visit my kids who both live there.  11,000km with old mates staying in pubs and camping through the middle of Australia...what could possibly go wrong!
This is a work in progress. A full report with map will be published on my return.
The 'usual suspects' all remnants of the UNEMCC. After 40 years of riding together... Its a miracle we can still throw a leg over a bike, but we do. Now for 11,000kms...
The Duke is not a starter... It would never make it.
What follows is not a blog, just a precis of events and advice if you intend to do this tour yourself.
Uki, top pub... Planning for the trip.
The Feb 2017 UNEMCC reunion in Armidale.
Thunderbolt's Rock