Touring with Gibbo
Extended Tour # 6:
Looking for the 'Lunatic'
Extended Tour # 6: One nighter with lots of options.
This is not specifically a tour for adventure bikes, but there are options where they would be handy. None of the days are long, but the riding is really good.

Day 1:
Leave Squeakygate Retreat, going through Maclean (an 'olde worlde' scottish town). If you want a good coffee to start your day, I recommend Botero. Ride through the town up the hill and you will see it on your left over the crest. Continue riding turning right to cross the MacFarland Bridge riding along the western side of Woodford Island to the Lawrence Ferry. Cross the Clarence River and turn right onto Pringles' Way. This takes you to the Summerland Way. Turn Right. Conntinue north on the Summerland Way through
Whiporie to Casino, the 'Beef Capital of Australia'. There is 98 fuel across the bidge. I suggest you do fill up there because west of Casino its mainly 91. If you do get fuel there, do a 'u bolt' back across the bridge and turn right at the roundabout onto the Bruxner Hwy. Going west, 58kms from Casino is Tabulam. The Bruxner from Casino to Drake is really a nice ride. The surface varies from good to not bad, nice corners and some up and down.

If you are on an adventure bike, you can ride from the Squeakygate Retreat joining up the the Bruxner a few kms east of Tabulam via the Clarence Way. This is not for cruisers, just 'chook chasers' and the like. At Lawrence turn left not right at the T intersection and follow the Southgate Road to Koolkan, turn right onto Clarence Way following it through Copmanhurst, Baryulgil to the Bruxner Hwy.. The surface is generally good, but this is very dependent on the weather that the Clarence Valley has had in the recent past. The road is narrow tar and dirt.

Tabulam is just another small country town, but next to the servo is a pop-up trailer selling excellent coffee. You are in the region where the Clarence is small, but you will see the strength of the river even there with the holding dams.
Negotiate the long single lane bridge (it's pretty ordinary) to continue west. Mercifully, a new bridge is under construction.
You have two very good accommodation options in and around Drake. Riders Rest (14 kms short of Drake) and the Lunatic Hotel at Drake.

Riders Rest: This is purpose built accommodation for Motorcyclist. Riders Rest is also currently for sale, if this interests you.

Awesome real coffee
They welcome motorcyclists. Yes
Have secured under cover parking for your bikes. Yes
Have good quality bedding and room facilities. Yes
Have ensuites at least as an option. Yes
Serve good quality meals. Yes
Have a licence to sell alcohol. No
Address: Bruxner Hwy, Tabulam NSW 2469
Phone No. (02) 6666 1307
Weblink for info.
They welcome motorcyclists. Yes
Have secured under cover parking for your bikes. Undercover yes.
Have good quality bedding and room facilities. Yes
Have ensuites at least as an option. Yes
Serve good quality meals. Yes
Have a licence to sell alcohol. Of course it a pub.
Address: 7710 Bruxner Hwy, Drake NSW 2469
Phone No. (02) 6737 6757
Weblink for info.  
The alternative accommodation 14kms to the west is the Lunatic Hotel at Drake... just love the name. The hotel is under new management with Amanda the Licensee.

This is also the new venue for the legendary Rallyman Rally. See below for details.
Day 2:
What you do on day 2 will depend on where you want to end up at the end of the day.

If you are going North:
For those heading back north to SE Queensland you can go west to Tenterfield then up through Stanthorpe, Warwick and Boonah and Beaudesert (a fair day out) or, to go the road less traveled, go east to the Clarence Way turn off north. This is a few kms past the Clarence Way turn off south along the Bruxner Hwy..

The Clarence Way north is all tar, but very narrow and the surface is OK to good. Just take your time and enjoy the scenery. You will ride through Old Bonalbo to Woodenbong. Turn right onto the Mt. Lindsay Way, which will take you through the mountains through Rathdowney, Beaudesert and onto the Gold Coast.

If you are going South:
For those heading back to Squeakygate Retreat, you can retrace your steps (bit boring), or you can go west to Tenterfield and turn South going through Deepwater to Glen Innes and turn left down the Gibraltra Ranges throuigh Grafton to Squeakygate Retreat.
Alternatively, you can ride south from Glen Innes along the New England Hwy. to Newcastle or Sydney.
My 'Mantis' @ Tabulam
Aint she gorgeous...
The lads @ Tabulam; some radical machinery:
A 50 year old Triumph 650 with a Springer front end... brutal!
A 40 year old chopped Honda 4 750 with 8" overs... challenging!
A new Royal Enfield Himalayan... slow.
Clarence Way
Riders Rest
Day 3 alternative.
Assuming 2 days is not enough (and when is it ever?) and you might want something just a but 'out there' and different, you can ride just a few km's up to Wrenbrook Retreat. Ride east to Tabulum (25kms) and then turn left going north along the Tabulam Road turning left to Wrenbrook Retreat (19kms). Be warned this is not for everyone, it's a nudist retreat. But, if you are of that mindset, since you are in the area, you might want to try this. It is essentially a camping location, but there are on site cabins and a kitted out caravan as well. It would be a good idea to book, if you need a cabin or the van.
They welcome motorcyclists. Yes
Have secured under cover parking for your bikes. Not specifically
Have good quality bedding and room facilities.  
Have ensuites at least as an option. No shared facilities
Serve good quality meals. No
Have a licence to sell alcohol. No
Address: 690 Tabulam Road, Tabulam
Phone No. (02) 6666 1403
Weblink for info.
As as I said this is an alternative and not for all. The summer months might be the go... It would be a bit cool in the nether regions in winter. The just take the routes appropriate to you to wonder home or wherever you are off to as shown above.
In addition - The Rallyman Rally:
If you are in this area over the Queen's Birthday long weekend in June each year, you might want to drop into the Rallyman Rally. My old mate Kog runs the rally each year. The venue in 2018 is new. It is the Lunatic Hotel in Drake.
Entry is free, there are bands, and the grub at the pub is good. but it's a bring all you want deal.
Camp out the back of the lunatic for free and just soak up the atmosphere.
Note, it is always cold... Come prepared for that and to have a good time.
The Rallyman Rally @ the Lunatic Hotel, 2018 was a hoot. Only about 200ish people there, as its the first time at this venue, but great! The band Sabotage blew us all away. Onya Kog, a great event. It was very civilised. The first time I have seen a baby at a motorcycle rally.