Touring with Gibbo
I have called this ‘Touring with Gibbo’; Gibbo being  my nickname. I have ridden all over Eastern Australia, Tassy and south Aussie. This August I am off with some mates to do the ˝ lap of Australia. I know motorcycle touring well. I has two motorcycles; a 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic, fully kitted out for touring, and a Chopped 1978 Honda CB 750 F2; very custom. I love them both. Any excuse to go for a ride is a good excuse.

Motorcyclists of all persuasions and interests are welcome at Squeakygate Retreat. We welcome riders on their own, with their partner or small groups. We can cater easily for 3 couples and a couple of singles together easily. If pushed we can extend that to 12 people.

This section of our website is designed to give riders who do not know the general area suggested routes range from a few hours to two days. The focus in this section are interesting black top roads that avoid the Pacific Highway (which is a disaster with all the roadworks and will be for the next few years) and take 'the road less travelled'... Its just so so much more interesting. Later I will add a section for adventure bike riders. I have tried to make the tours a comfortable day's ride around the 450 to 500km mark. There are days that are longer and shorter, but that's the approximate median length.

The tours are designed to be self directed, and able to be viewed on your mobile phone through our website. There are directions and a map link for each tour, as well as some pictures, sites that are worth looking at. If you would like me to lead a tour and I am available, I am happy to do this for you. Any excuse to throw my leg over the bike is a good excuse. For extended tours, I also have suggested accommodation places which are motorcycle friendly for you to stay. Whether you stay there is not, is your choice. For each one on the list I have stayed there myself and recommend it. When I selected each place, I was looking for each to have the following:

• They welcome motorcyclists.
• Have secured under cover parking for your bikes.
• Have good quality bedding and room facilities.
• Have ensuites at least as an option.
• Serve good quality meals.
• Have a licence to sell alcohol.
• Have a website with details of accommodation listed.

For me when I arrive at a place, I have spent all day in the saddle. I do not want to get back on the bike until tomorrow. I want to be able to eat, drink and sleep in the one place. If you can't do that, I don’t recommend the establishment. I DO NOT receive any kick backs from any establishment. I am just trying to make your touring as easy as possible for you to organise. Happy riding and keep the rubber down.
Let's go Touring!
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